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by Doktor Spinn on January 7, 2022 · 2 comments

Vinnarna i Årets Pressrum 2010 [SWE]

At the Speed of Blogosphere
“More recently, I was working with a different, well-known blogger, who provided another peek into the real-time, competitive blogosphere. As soon as he was finished posting a blog that included my client, he emailed me with the link and asked me to share it widely. He was obviously wanting to take more control and help influence the traffic driven to his blog. And why not? I’d do it too if it were my blog.”

En dag kvar av veckan på detta dårhus [SWE]
Underbart! Cravings!

The Latest Starbucks Logo Redesign Is…
I don’t like it. I really liked the last one, actually.

Where the hell is Spotify? | Fast Company
I can understand where the record label guy gets his math from. But he forgets that the value composition of music is shifting. What if you suddenly find that you have no human beings to “pour into the funnel”? And those 900,000 customers are brand and band ambassadors, giving their time and attention for free. Companies that can’t capitalize on that will be in trouble in the years to come.

Have you developed your personal social media policy?
Of course, a personal online presence should be fitted to that certain person, and Angela Connor here has really thought here choices through - and that’s the main thing.

But I have a somewhat more liberal strategy and here’s why I think that is good:

If you decline requests from human beings wanting to connect with you, then you can deliberately create closed inner circles. Like for instance if you only want close friends on Facebook, or if you only want to follow back people on Twitter that you’ve met outside the online world. And sure, maybe you can live with the fact that someone, perhaps an obnoxious classmate from back in the day, will be pissed off, and that it might not concern you very much.

But I wonder why someone wouldn’t want to connect with another friendly person? What youwrite in your Facebook statuses must be ok for a larger audience anyway. You can’t rely on your tweets to be protected or never retweeted anyway.

So what you say or do in a social network must be suited for a transparent world - even if it feels like it’s a closed network. And if you don’t want to read what boring people are saying, then use filters instead.

Still, I agree with the main point - the strategy must be personal and work for the individual, that’s the most important thing.

11 New York City Start-Ups To Watch in 2011
Exciting stuff is going on here in NYC!

Skins for Phones | GelaSkins
Gotta get me a couple of these!

How to use Social Media to your Advantage
A different take on how to manage your personal brand on Facebook.

How aSmallWorld’s Founder Built A Curated Community
“When Erik Wachtmeister launched aSmallWorld, the opposite happened. More people wanted to join than he was willing to let in. I invited him to teach how he built such a sought-after community, and how he curated it so it felt like home to his ideal users: inter-connected, well travelled, eclectic, educated, and accomplished people.”

Erik Wachtmeister is an interesting person - especially if you’re into communities.

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