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Would it be at all possible to connect with PR professionals from around the world through social media?

PR-lovers from all around the world could engage in a world-wide conversation, simply by leveraging the real-time power of Twitter. By using an easy tag system, your individual tweets could easily reach far outside the realm of your own network.

If you want to reach out to a local PR community, simply tag your tweet #PRof[PutYourRegionHere]!

For instance, if I tweet about local PR, I might use tags like #PRofStockholm, #PRofSweden, #PRofScandinavia or #PRofNordics. If I tweet relevant to the global PR community, I would simply use the tag #PRofWorld.

What if someone spam our tag system? Please send them a DM or a direct tweet and ask them nicely to stop.

All these Twitter hashtags will be displayed at

Two other resources tied to this project is the PR of World Facebook Page and the online PR wiki Please feel free to contribute!

Read more about the PR of World project here.

Also, feel free to connect with PR-lovers in these local communities:

  • PR of Sweden
  • PR of Finland
  • PR of Norway
  • PR of Denmark
  • PR of Iceland

Would you like to see your country or region as a Ning social network with the PR of World style template? Would you be interested in volountering as the assigned Community Manager of your region? Please connect with Jerry Silfwer.

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