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My name is Jerry Silfwer and I love doing PR for companies and organizations. It’s my passion. I work at Whispr Group, Inc. as Executive Digital Strategist in Stockholm, Sweden. For more on my professional background, connect with me on LinkedIn.

My speciality is helping the hopeless. I love working with troubled brands - or brands that deserve more recognition than they are currently getting. I like it when it’s difficult, when there are internal forces working against each other and when there are old bureaucratic structures obstructing those much needed changes.

Modernizing your corporate communication structure, navigating the issues of a transparent world, connecting you with your key influencers, getting your complex messages out there in a crystal clear and engaging manner, listening strategically to the right people and embracing market-driven innovation - that’s my A-game. I try everyday to combine the roles of connector, educator, mediator, supporter, and doer.

Here’s how I like to do things:

1. I don’t care if your brand is cool or not. I’d rather work with the most impossible brand in the world as long as I work with people who are passionate about what they do.

2. I know PR very well, but you are the expert on what you do. And I want to learn everything about your business - if you let me.

3. I actually like being in the background. Don’t let my constant blogging give you the wrong idea. If I can make you the hero of your company - that’s my credit.

4. We should never be afraid talking about money. I’m transparent and I’ll tell you as quickly as I can what things cost. I know how unforgiving corporate budgets can be sometimes and that there seldom are enough means for you to do what you want to do. So let’s be realistic from start, thus making sure we create solid results with the resources at hand. Or if you want me to push you, please tell me and I will!

5. I will tell you what I think always, even if it puts our professional relationship at risk.

If you’d like to discuss your PR challenges with me, please feel free to connect via e-mail here!

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    Many thanks for the recommendation of my blog, my friend. Hope NY treats you well.

  • http://www.kullin.net/ kullin

    Many thanks for the recommendation of my blog, my friend. Hope NY treats you well.

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