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by Doktor Spinn on March 30, 2022

  1. One day I’m going to live in Paris
  2. Wow… if I ever get rich, man…

  3. 16 Rhetorical Devices Regularly Used by Steve Jobs
  4. Beautifully compiled. This makes me want write a speech right now!

  5. PR in a blogger versus journalist world
  6. “Shouldn’t we demand the same from ourselves? Is there really a line anymore between blogging and journalism, or is that all just the lazy excuse for not doing the homework, possible due diligence or good writing?”

    Personally, I still draw the line. But I make this distinction at the role level, not the content level. Because content in social media is a beast so diversified, the narrowest label for it must be “everything”. So, since we have different roles to play, I still make that distinction, even if my content from time to time might be classified a “journalism”.

    And, I just have to say, that news media content in a way is PR content for the news outlet itself, so let’s focus at role definitions!

    “BTW, yes, I do hold PR bloggers up to a higher standard than social media bloggers; PR is based on journalistic values and social media is based on well, who knows sometimes. There’s so much less transparency in social media, that that is a whole other blog post.”

    I would argue that there are bigger differcies within the two different spheres rather than between them. Normally, I love making generalizations, but this one is a bit too rich even for me! :)

  7. Are Swedish PR Agencies Absent from Social Media?
  8. Sad reading, indeed. But no-one can blame me for not trying to convince my own people. But when you have been talking for years on the importance of having an online presence as a company and that you have to “walk the walk” before you “talk the talk”, it makes me wonder who hell I’ve been talking to…

    But I decide to look at all the green “yes” markings instead. There are a lot of us in the industry who thinks that social is important in public relations (duh!) and we have done a great job transforming our workplaces so far. Changing a whole industry is not an easy task, but we’re hard at work with this. Great work compiling this list!

    Strangely, I’m missing some agencies, for instance JMW, Springtime, Deportivo and Wenderfalk. But maybe they have proved themselves worthy of being outside of this discussion? There are also agencies like Westander, Axicom, Pronto Communications and Spotlight PR to check out. Still, I don’t want to make a point of this, because I think the excellent blog post makes the point very fairly anyway.

    Also, I must mention that Whispr Group has a Stockholm Office now, so I think that we should be accounted for as well moving forward! :)

    (I recognize the guy who wrote the post; I linked up his digital cv a couple of weeks ago I think.)

  9. Cute Bears on Mind Patterns and Futuristic Marketing
  10. Need my morning coffee to keep up.

  11. The No. 1 skill you need to get that job in PR | Articles
  12. Cool, featured on PR Daily! :)

  13. Astroturfed by Demand Media
  14. Hm, very suspicious…

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  • Haris Cejvan

    Nr 6. Ser att du har fått ett amerikanskt namn, Jeremy. :)

  • Doktor Spinn

    Haha, ja “all-in” bara.

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