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by Doktor Spinn on 2022-04-14| 26 views

Buy one? Buy two? Buy three? Via @JohanHedberg.

  1. PR Magnetism: 5 SEO tips for writing client copy that attracts
  2. Great advice. Hands-on.

  3. The Passion of Gary Vaynerchuk
  4. Passion FTW!

  5. The biggest mistake from marketers on Facebook today?
  6. “We did some research across the 50.000 brand Facebook pages that we analyse and monitor, and figured that only roughly about 5% of brand pages respond to fan questions on their walls.”

    It’s a bloody shame, that”s what it is!

  7. 9 Ways Social Media is Like Sex « PR at Sunrise
  8. Ah, I love the smell of PR in the morning! these social media analogies in order to get another list to take off is often times so farfetched it’s ridiculous, but this on is rather good! Via @emmastjernlof.

  9. 10 Social Media Promises: Can Your Company Keep Them?
  10. Ambitious but long-term goals. Like it.

  11. Is ‘checking in’ dead?
  12. I’m constantly amazed on how black and white everything must be. In my head things are never so easily categorized. Just because checking in is a nifty idea at times, why must we check in everywhere all the time in order for it to be a hit?

    I check in at maybe one place a day. i think it is nice to let my “crowd” know where I’m at from time to time. Who knows, maybe someone I know is nearby? But I don’t check in at home. I don’t check in at different locations within the same venue. But just because I choose not to, why do I care if some people do? Working with PR, I know that more than one individual can be right at the same time, even if they think differently from each other. Right?

  13. 54 percent of journalists follow PR pros on social media
  14. … and we follow them. We all follow. But who will lead?

  15. Best industry to start a business: Public relations
  16. “There’s no better time than the present—or over the next five years.”


  17. Facebook Page Commenting Changes
  18. “Facebook will be changing their policy when it comes to disabling comments.”

  19. Starting a new job in #PR: Tips from 7 PR experts
  20. Some really sound advice here. And hey, look, there’s me saying a bunch of stuff as well! Thanks Petya for including me in this fine context.

  21. Why Marissa Mayer will leave Google
  22. Interesting theory on Marissa Mayer. Why didn’t Google promote her? And will she move on to Facebook? And oh my how that red dress works.

  23. Retro Refrigerator by Big Chill
  24. Oh, looks even better than the classic Smeg, I think. Maybe we should get one in Whispr-red for the office?

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