Khazar Fatemi: Where my heart beats #journalism #documentary #SSBD

by Doktor Spinn on 2022-05-10 · View Comments

Now this is an inspiring story! My girlfriend Lisah showed me her good friend Khazar Fatemi’s latest project. Funding the project herself with some aid from scholarships and such, and without garanties of someone buying it when completed, she went to Afghanistan to produce her documentary.

The drama revealed by the trailer makes this an important story that deserves to be told. Now she is hoping for some of the television networks to buy and air her documentary. I think they would be crazy not to.

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  • rico

    please watch Brutal Badge on youtube, in 6 parts, especially part 5…And recommend it to your friends…. Thank you kindly! I was not allowed to publish this letter which even had a response from Pm. Gordon Brown& Pr.Zatlers and other world leders, in any newspaper, or any other type of media, in so called democratic Sweden!!!!

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