Bevisbördan ligger aldrig hos ateisten #religion
Svårare än så här är det inte, eller hur?

Fler besökare till din blogg! #socialamedier
Mycket matnyttigt!

Viral: It’s Not a $%#!& Strategy #PRofWorld
“When people aren’t immersed in social media, viral marketing and word of mouth, that simple sentence is obscured by everything from roller skating babies to World Cup pep rallies. But more importantly, while going viral is an outcome, we’re still trying to get folks to pass content around as if it were a joint at Woodstock.”

The Economic Value of Communities #PRofSweden
“The opportunity – and the appeal – of online communities is not that they make everyone feel better about their relationship with an organization, although that is a nice side affect, it is that they contribute tangible economic leverage back to an organization. For companies that figure this out, they will have significant advantages in their markets but the process of building a robust and integrated enterprise ecosystem is disruptive, expensive, and challenging – and many enterprises who launch discrete support forums may not always realize that they have put one foot down on the road to changing the way the organization thinks about its value chain.”

Sätt ditt företags ambassadörer i första rummet #PRofSweden
Lyxar med att blogga på arbetstid i dag! :)

Kungligt jätteprojekt går i mål #SSBD
Intressant om arbetet bakom kulisserna med en redaktionell produkt.

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Tack för länkkärlek, Jerry!


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