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The Daily Mail’s Robots.txt File Contains… an SEO Job Advert(!?)
Geek alert! :)

Facebook Page Tactics on Turning a Facebook user into a buyer
Jesper Åström - always worth a read, no matter if he’s writing basic tutorials or mind challenging conversion strategies.

Webbens bästa #blänkare!
Ett alldeles förträffligt ord, blänkare. För blogglänkslänkare eller länkar som blänker. Ett nytt begrepp som jag tänker börja använda flitigt! Tack Jennie för en fin lista!

Marias länkar – 24 August, 2010
Maria Hägglöf länktipsar. Tack för länk! :)

Counter Strike 2020
Social gaming?

Gowalla vs Foursquare vs Brightkite vs…..

1984 - not an instruction manual
Some adequate observations, but having been a part of the Swedsih pirate movement, this isn’t exactly news to me.

If you want our data, just ask and be transparent with what you do with it. If not, we’ll scream at the top of our lungs. It’s a very simple logic.

What’s more interesting is the idea of value. people are increasingly becoming aware that their attention and their recorded habitual patterns on the web actually are worth a lot.

That’s why people want a free web; the argument that is was a serious mistake to publish stuff for free in the early days is nothing but a way to avoid the real issue.

So, the issue isn’t that webb services gathers dataa on us. All in all, that’s not a bad thing. The issue is if the data is used in a non-tranparent way and in a manner that contradicts a freemium web.

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