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Promoted tweets det nya spammet?
Stör mig med. Visst kan det driva intressant trafik, men har man tagit med i beräkningarna hur många man irriterar för varje person som faktiskt klickar vidare?

Making Room for Reflection Is a Strategic Imperative
They say a New york minute is the time it takes for the cars to start honking when lights go green in traffic. Being a digital advisor there must be time for reflection, in-depth analysis of numbers, and philosophical discussions. But it’s easier said than done when there’s money to be made. Still, blogging gives me that time for reflection each day.

jardenberg kommenterar – 27 Nov, 2010 #jjk
Grattis på bröllpsdagen! Jag är snart med i klubben också.

Världsrekord: från noll till fyra miljoner svenskar på fyra år
Go, Jocke!

“Men framför allt ska jag försöka visa hur kul, spännande och nyttigt det är med internet och sociala medier.”

Funded Ideas - Pepsi Refresh Project
Some people are all about idea-driven communication; I’m not on of those people. believe that powerful communication stems from the incentives and desires of those you want to influence. But still, this idea is kickass good.

The Social Formula For Small Business Owners
Johan Ronnestam with a great post, not just for start-ups and small business-owners; this post is great in that it shows how valuable the internet is to us once we learn how to leverage it.

Viral is not a strategy. It's a lottery.
I love this text. I had to read it two times just because of its beautiful language. Those who know me know that I never talk about virals. If someone succeeds in making something go worldwide viral - lucky them. If the catching of all these eyeballs drives brand and sales as intended, that is.

And it’s true, modern advertising should sty clear of conversation. Who want to be talking with an ad, really? And most “conversation-driven” advertising is rather interactive advertising - and that’s an whole other thing then engaging in dialogue with another human being on equal terms. That’s something completely different from what the ad industry been doing, and subsequently an whole other profession. It’s PR.

And no, PR is not “publicity”. It’s about engaging with humans, find common grounds, listening, and spinning stuff worthy of talking about.

It could be an event, sure. But it can also be news. Or social equity. There’s a lot of stuff worthy of people’s attention besides cute puppies and laughing babies. You just have to focus in on reaching the right people instead of the masses. There’s a reason why mass communication went from wired to tired so quickly, right? Reaching the masses is just plain expensive, especially since we don’t really base any big decisions on corny Youtube videos anyway.

And that’s just it really. Advertising is great if it hits the right target with the right message in exactly the right time. Now there’s something for the ad industry to reclaim instead of dreaming of the vast audiences of a bland mass communications era which is _ luckily enough - long gone.

Americans Spending More Time Following the News
A bit old I know, and I’ve shared some of these findings before, but they’re just that interesting from a PR perspective.

Webbstrategerna Sverige AB - Webbstrateger skänker sin marknadsbudget till tredje världen –… - MyNewsdesk
10 000 kr för 10 000 followers. Det är ju tokbilligt! Nej, som PR-man tror jag mer på förtjänad community istället för köpt. Skicka ett brev till de befintliga kunderna istället och berätta att ni istället för julklapp har skänkt pengarna till välgörenhet - bättre för alla. Och därmed bättre PR.

Digital kreativitet i våra fingertoppar
Dagens måsteläsning.

Free report: PR at war
I haven’t checked out this report myself, but it led me to this interesting blog. Let me know about the report if someone checks it out.

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