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by Doktor Spinn on 2021-12-30 · View Comments

I got some follow-up questions on the PR Interview Q&A blog post. Here they are:

Rodrigo: What do you think about the PR’s team that send, all the time, press release to a lot of journalists? In your view, this should end?

Jerry: I’ve spoken to journalists about this and it’s not a black or white question it seems. Surprisingly many news reports originates from press releases still. And some journalists say that press releases are a pain in the ass, but it places the selection process in their hands, and they like that. If the selection process ends up elsewhere, they loose that influence.

What we should do as an industry, is to stop sending shitty press releases. They should be highly engaging, spreadable, and targeted, as well posted intelligently on the web for pull purposes. There’s information overload for sure, and we’re responsible for our clients not adding to the information pollution.

Rodrigo: In your opinion, messages for the mainstream media must be unique?

Jerry: No, most news stories are just variations of classical stories. We have the hero, the challenge, the conflict. The enemy, often. Therefore, no matter if I work with traditional media (is there any difference these days?) I always go for newsworthiness rather than uniqueness. A good “new” story, preferably with some sort of clear conflict. And with social media, I go for the engagement factor, the conversation “stickiness”.

Rodrigo: Can you please give some examples of successful projects of PR in Social Media?

Jerry: The Swedish PR agency Prime ended up in some trouble themselves a couple of weeks ago, and started up the PR platform in order to get ahead and to get a voice in the conversation. Great for directing traffic and for optimizing search engines on key terms.

I also think it’s good PR to listen and more and more companies are doing that. Check out Mission Control, a Youtube clip from Gatorade. But here’s the point; you just don’t listen. You crunch the data, that’s the key. That’s why the Obama campaign leveraged social media so succesful; they crunched the data bigtime. They knew how to engage before engaging.

The postings on Twitter or wherever was just a little something on the side. It was the data mining that really did it for them.

On the campaign side, I like campaigns where the individual can leverage the campaign in order to become more popular in their own personal networks. Like when Spotify gave out invitations to key bloggers so that they in turn could benefit from the huge demand on these invitations. As a blogger, I’ve never had as much traffic as when I got those invites to treat my readers.

I also love corporate blogging or well-maintained corporate Facebook Pages or Youtube-channels in general. Such powerful tools - and they don’t have to be campaign-based either, you can use them continuously. The good ones discuss subjects and interacts with their community rather than pushing their own brand messages.

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  • Stina Axelson

    I´ve just started our blog at work and I´m finding it quite hard and would love to get some advice from you!

    My job is to write and to motivate my collegues to write, which can be tedious as most of them have never even read a blog before.

    Do you have any tips for corporate B2B blogs that sell services (not products)?

    Thanks for a very inspiring blog!


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  • Doktor Spinn

    Oh, thank you for your question!

    I do actually have a lot of tips & tricks. Here’s a post that could work as an initial checklist:

    But how to make this happen, then?

    I have a great secret that I’d like to share in order to get your colleagues going. Bring the element of competition into the mix, but do it gently. Meet up every other week and go through the numbers. Who had the most readers, the most reactions? And let all the contributor’s have their own Klout score embedded on the blog. Give them automated bylines with links to their best previous posts.

    Let them engage in friendly competition amongst themselves - if it’s done right, it’s an amazing trigger for productivity and creativity.

    How about finding stuff to write about yourself?

    Say you’re selling b2b services in the automation industry. I call this the Variation Technique: Make two lists, one with the different challenges that your company is providing solutions for, the other list different business areas within your industry. Now - start to combine them. Every combination is a blog post!

    For instance - I blog about PR, one challenge is social media, and there are several different areas in PR. Just from these variables, I can then write about:

    - social media challenges for investor relations
    - social media challenges for media relations
    - social media challenges for crisis communications
    - social media challenges for public affairs
    - social media challenges for change communications

    Then start over with another challenge:

    - how to get a PR job in investor relations
    - how to get a PR job in media relations
    - how to get a PR job in crisis communications
    - how to get a PR job in public affairs
    - how to get a PR job in change communications

    Start writing on the ones that gives you the most inspiration, and keep filling the list up as new challenges or areas presents themselves. Make drafts you can publish on busy days.

    Then add themes:

    - the month’s best business cases in our industry
    - the month’s best articles regarding our industry
    - the month’s most inspiring individual of our industry

    Then add goodies:

    - links to funny clips regarding our industry
    - behind the scenes of our company footage
    - industry people profiles
    - employee profiles
    - guest bloggers
    - influencer interviews

    Ok, I know - I’ve got processes for everything. But this really works! And it’s fun.

    Good luck! And if you’d like, let me know if you need my services getting your blog to the next level! :)

  • Doktor Spinn

    Oh, replied the wrong thread, see answer below.

  • Stina Axelson

    Thanks a lot for your reply!

    I get the whole writing content bit, now I just need to catch up on the tekkie stuff like Klout Score, which is new to me and it sounds like a very clever thing.

    Does it measure just twitter and facebook or does it measure influence on blog aswell? Anways, Ill have you in mind for when we need to get to the next level :D

  • Doktor Spinn

    Unfortunately not blog blog influence yet. Since Klout is by some predicted to be a standard, I’m keeping an eye on them. It shouldn’t be that difficult for them to allow a blogger to retrieve stats from a Javascript-badge and some subscriber numbers from Feedburner. Still, very much interesting happening right now when it comes to influence and monitoring - it seems to be a lot of smart people involved in those kind of questions right now!

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