Are Swedes Lousy At Blogger Outreach?

by Doktor Spinn on 2022-01-27 · View Comments

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I work with blogger outreach professionally and I blog myself privately. This is actually a very interesting combination.

I used to get maybe 2-3 pitches per week. This is not very much some might argue, especially since I on numerous occasions have stated that I like being pitched stuff to write about. Since switching to English, the numbers of pitches have increased threefold. I’m very happy about this. Quite respectable I think for such a small niche blog, right?

But I’ve noticed that the Swedish pitches often is much more poorly executed than the international ones. Most pitches I get from international senders are quite good. Not too formal, but never too friendly either. No blogger wants corporate speak, but we don’t like people who pretend that we are friends either. No enclosed press releases and most of the times they signal clearly that they have read my blog, which is nice.

But most Swedish pitches fail at at least one or two of the big no-no’s in blogger outreach netiquette. Why is this so?

So many Swedes do the press release thing. So many do mass mailings. Those who signal that they actually like me and my blog are just too friendly, to a level it sometimes get ridiculous. I’m the first person to admit that my empirical data is too small to allow me to make such generalizations. But it holds up for a general assumption, I think.

Maybe Sweden needs to start respecting the art of blogger outreach a bit more?

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  • Markus Welin

    Interesting thoughts! And to me, it would make sense, since I experience US blogs to be more “big business” in general (no offense, Swedish blogs), which could explain the more advanced approach.

    And I also don’t think everything necessarily has to be proved with quantitative methods. Own experiences could be as valuable as statistics; even though I think corporate people might prefer the latter :)

  • Doktor Spinn


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