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New York i svartvitt [SWE]
Tack för puff! :)

Saintly Girl Syndrome
“Nobody is benefiting from this myth that women who are successful are also unhappy.”

The Explosion of Free Porn Online
Well, “The Middle Men” seems to have lost the power of transactions at this point.

The new generation of PR
Thanks for the recommendation!

Feel like I rule this city!
I wonder how I got in the last time? Oh, wait. I know mr Tom Daly! :)

JournalistLisah goes personal
er action, det dammar av lokaljournalistiken ordentligt, vilket är skönt. Jag gillar det, men så är jag ju något partisk. Fast jag håller med en av kommentatorerna, smycken och afterwork var lite för mycket på slutet!

When Did We Become The Ones We Weren’t?
“We were defending liberties across the world. We were the shining beacon of people’s right to privacy. We were the opposite of Big Brother. And today, we are seeing surveillance in use in Egypt that our governments have mandated for use against ourselves. What’s used against the people of Egypt can and will be used against us.”

Feline theory of public relations
“Dogs are like advertising. Cats are like public relations.”

Are You Totally Missing Out The Heater Syndrome In Your Writing?
“Drama. Power. Action. Intrigue. It’s all buried 150-200 words into your copy.”

NoteSlate /// intuitively simple monochrome paper alike tablet device
I must have this. I must have this. I must have this.

UK Immigration Officer Puts Wife on the No-Fly List
Funny, but still nots so funny. Via svenw.se.

Winona Chiropractic Center | Doesn't pay their bills
Pay your web designer, ok?

The Snowfall of Communication
“They want you to mention the great deals, but only once in every 12 tweets or posts. They want your account to be a snowfall, not a blizzard of business.”

Ris och ros för Facebook Deals [SWE]
Joakim Leijon om Facebook Deals.

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