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7 Signs He’s a PICK-UP artist
Actually, I think all intelligent guys knows this. Not the guys who get drunk, are generally stupid, can’t keep their hands for themselves - or a combination. The hillbillies and the cowards have no clue, but the rest… I think they have this down. Ok, maybe not NLP (get them to agree to something insignificant, then move upwards), but the rest of it, sure.

Actually, there are some signs not mentioned:

8. You pull a two-step-forward-one-step-backwards. Approach, step one. Show off your confidence and make it clear you are interested in her, maybe say something naughty, step two. Step three, you back off. Say you gotta go see about a friend you haven’t seen in a while. If you meet the girl again later you’ll doubled your chances with her. Plus, now you have a history.

9. The plenty-of-fish-in-the-sea-strategy. This strategy works well with 8. Work several girls at the time. Chances are at least one of them will be feeling lonely tonight.

10. Don’t dance, say you’re not up to it. Then you agree to it, after some persuasion. And then it turns out that you really are smooth on the dancefloor. If you can move and have tact and then make nothing of it, chances are they’ll think you’re just as smooth in the sack.

11. Control your eyes. Don’t stare at her ass. Let her work for it, then you give it a glance. If she’s not working it, she’ll probably tired of assholes eyeballing her which means you can score easy points by looking her in the eyes when you talk to her. And don’t even try to sneak a peek when you think she’s not watching - women has a sixth sense for these things. I’ll say it again - control your eyes.

12. Shut the fuck up and listen. Chances are, her girlfriends only wait for their time to talk when they are together, so she’ll be starved for someone to hear her out. But don’t get too engaged and chatty in the conversation - you might end up on her nice-new-guy-friend-list. Instead, be unexpected, change her perspective back and forth. When you have report, make your move before you get in too deep.

13. Wait for her to start unconsciously fix her hair, pulling her skirt right, tilting her head. Classic - time to engage target.

14. Get a buddy-system. If you’re working a girl, have your cool buddy stop by just to say something subtle to build your image, like “nice too see you here man, why don’t you come with us to [cool hard-to-get-in club] later” and then he politely but breezy says hi to your mark before moving on. This shows her he has cool friends that don’t really care about her and that he has alternatives to standing there talking to her.

Obviously I don’t do these things myself since I’m the happiest guy in the world with my Lisah, but I’m just saying - not only players instinctively knows stuff like this.

And here’s the kicker:

If you from time to time play the role of the asshole, at least you pave the way for some other lucky brother who happens to have their a-game in place that night. We’re happy for that guy, because next time he’ll be the asshole paving the way for you.

How To Map Out Your Social Business Strategy
This is very valuable, thank you for sharing. Especially about the reverse mentoring program.

Malcom Gladwell, Your Slip is Showing
Brian Solis is taking on Malcolm Gladwell. Interesting read. Gladwell is winging it, and in this case Solis is calling his slip.

Rekordresultat för Wenderfalck [SWE]
Heja! Jag gillar Wenderfalck.

Why Fashion’s Top Brands Are Flocking to Tumblr
Interesting trend. And wow, you can really do much more with Tumblr these days in terms of design.

Groupon in the Red Zone
Of course, they knew. It’s tacky, but they knew. I could bet my MacBook Pro on it.

Groupon’s controversial Super Bowl commercial
I saw this, too. And it’s offensive. And now they’re trying to get out of it with clever copy. It’s so well-written, you have to assume it was written beforehand. They probably expect controversy to be good for sales.

AOL Buys Huffington Post for $315 Million in Cash

galet klipsk [SWE]
Hittade en skum grej på Flickr…

Veckan som gick – vecka 5 #SSBD [SWE]
Första veckobrevet på ett tag. Ringrostig. Pratig. Men det gick i alla fall snabbt att skriva, antagligen för att jag tycker så mycket och för att jag var så jäkla osugen att lusa ned med länkar idag.

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