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  1. Check Your JavaScript with JSHint, a Fork of Douglas Crockford’s JSLint
  2. “Your sadly pathetic bleatings are harshing my mellow.”

    Does it get geekier than this?

  3. Dear Sir: It’s Called the Quiet Car for a Reason, Douche.
  4. Some days I wish I was more of a Peter Shankman myself.

  5. Why to use the social web strategically – no matter who you are
  6. “You shouldn’t write anything out there that doesn’t contribute to how you want to be perceived. This means, that you need to streamline your activities on social media so that they are purposeful to what you want to achieve. This goes all the way down to having a personal facebook profile with 100 friends. Because the whole world is listening.”

  7. Points and Badges are not game mechanics
  8. “Points and Badges are feedback, or rewards if you will, to game mechanics. The critical difference being that it is not the addition of these that will make a product fun or compelling to use.”

  9. 20+ Hilarious Twitter Parody Accounts
  10. Funny for some, not so funny for others. Being funny is a powerful weapon against brands.

  11. Klout for Business: A Useful Metric –but an Incomplete View of Your Customer
  12. “Brands Must Factor in Relative Influence –not just Absolute Influence.”

  13. Recovering from Being Hacked Off of Facebook
  14. Something to ponder. Personally, I like the idea of posting original content outside of Facebook and then feed it in. Facebook is lousy at search anyway, it’s still a in-the-moment medium.

    Ok, so feeding stuf into Facebook isn’t a great strategy. But I’m like most people, I have to manage my resources. And I’ve always been a sucker for producing searchable content. Flickr might not be as big as Facebook, but it’s a hell of a lot more fun to post images there than on Facebook. Plus, I feel that I still own them and it’s easier for people to share them, if someone would like to.

    I actually post manually on my personal blogger Facebook Page, but this is rarely worth the hassle. There’s not that much interaction, mainly because I blog about professional stuff when Facebook is more about hanging out and having fun in the moment. And without interaction, less visibility in the personal feeds which is important if you want visibility and further interaction, since so few people visit pages more than once - if that.

    I’m not giving up on the connection between Doktor Spinn the blog and Facebook, but it sure is time for another channel strategy. i don’t want to waste people’s time just as I don’t want to waste my own. The content I create works great at the blog, but for Facebook? Not so good. And to my first argument, I could just feed steff in automatically and save me some time, like I do for the PR of Sweden Facebook Page, but that’s just a waste of people’s time as well.

    So, keep a lookout for some changes regarding Doktor Spinn and PR of Sweden on Facebook. Some personal stuff like Flickr and Foursquare I will keep feeding in, but for the rest of the stuff? Stay tuned. I don’t know what I will figure out, but I will figure out something.

  15. What PR pros can learn from David Ogilvy’s confessions
  16. “Sometimes I feel the PR professionals are more prone to focusing on the tools and the instruments instead on the bigger picture and the whole strategy. So I decided to compound those confessions of Ogilvy, which are [can be] very enlightening for the PR people.”

  17. Will The Real Media Player Please Stand Up by @talexanderdaly
  18. Great guest blog post today!

  19. YouTube - Piknik na kosovski nacin
  20. You gotta love the top comment:

    “30 small dicks sitting on a field?”

  21. Can you believe I got a pool in here?
  22. Do you remember Larson!, the genius comic strip? i loved those rare moments when you came across a strip you hadn’t read already. But I’ve found Nirvana again - The Monkeys You Ordered is just sooo great!

  23. The Recipe | This American Life
  24. This story has been flickering around now for a while. Has anyone tried to whip it up yet?

  25. Detroiters Raise $$$ To Erect Robocop Statue
  26. I must admit, that I first didn’t see the point with Kickstarter, but after a long discussion yesterday at the office, I soon got the idea thanks to Martin Prescott and Patrick Chon.

    And then this, lovely!

    Via Johan Hedberg, my no. 1 url dealer right now.

  27. YouTube - WORST Facebook Profile Pics EVER!
  28. Hm, do I have the g-a-z-e on my FB profile pic?

  29. YouTube - The Egyptian Revolution on Twitter
  30. How organic it looks, right? Also, read the comment section. And for marketeers looking to leverage the networking effect, ponder this:

    Being a part of the conversation is being part of something bigger than your company. And if you want people to talk about, then you must make sure people have something to talk about with each other. Too many marketing efforts is going for a mention instead of creating something worthy of a discussion where users themselves can add value.

  31. Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley On What It’s All About
  32. Dennis Crowley, a really smart guy. Really good questions from Ina Fried as well. Worth a watch.

  33. YouTube - Reality touchscreen University of Groningen
  34. Tech porn.

  35. Internet Restored in Libya After 6 hours Offline
  36. “And although the Internet has been restored to the rioting country, networks such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are still reportedly blocked by the Libyan regime to prevent footage or live reporting from surfacing online during an uprising that has cost at least 84 lives till the time of writing this post as reported by Al Jazeera according to Human Rights Watch.”

    Via Annika Lidne.

  37. New Domino’s Pizza - Oh Yes We Did.
  38. I agree with Tor Löwkrantz, this is social media US style. But should we be less impressed by Domino’s? It takes some guts for a brand to do this. And a brave management to say yes. You listen, then you change. So simple, yet so extremely difficult. I know a lot of brands who should be listening to what people are saying, instead of doing market research how people respond to ads, for instance.

    I’m a bit hung-over today, so I’m actually going to to order a Domino’s pizza tonight!

  39. Why Klout Should Not Be A Synonym For Influence
  40. I’m also disappointed in Klout. I mean, I unfollowed some unuseful Twitter accounts the other day, and my ranking went up. That’s fucked up. Being followed by more people than you follow back is a really stupid metric to include in the rankings and it shows us in the social media community that Klout isn’t really down with this social thing.

    Via Tor Löwkrantz.

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