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  1. Vem litar vi på? [Statistik] [SWE]
  2. Some interesting statistics from Judith Wolst.

  3. Are You Enchanting Online?
  4. A call-out for immediacy.

    Via Tor Löwkrantz.

  5. The Money for PR is in Immediacy
  6. “I’m not advocating you copy Charlie Sheen, just take a look at the format. Could you work on a topical landing page for your industry, like Mother Jones did for news stories? What kinds of internal permissions do you need to get going to build that format?”

  7. How Corporate Social Strategists Use Slideshare
  8. Ouch. This sort of stuff makes me feel like there isn’t enough time to do the right stuff. But that’s how it is for all of us, how we prioritize is just as important as what we do. But I think I ought to gain a slightly bigger audience first before leveraging a continuos presence on Slideshare.

  9. Deepedition DigitalPR [2022/03/07]
  10. Check out 18, 12, 9 and 8 especially.

  11. jardenberg kommenterar – 7 Mar, 2011 #jjk
  12. Check out 14, 13, 9 och 8 especially.

  13. Bloglovin’ Goes Mobile
  14. “Their website currently receives 3,4 million unique monthly visitors. Let us remind you that same time last year that figure was 800,000 and two years ago it was about 150 000. Most of those users come from US and Sweden. Using the tool is completely free for the readers and bloggers alike. However, if bloggers want to promote their pages they would need to cash out $1 for 5 min of promotion on the platform. Unfortunately, that feature is only available in Sweden and Norway so far. Bloglovin’ also collects money from advertising from big fashion and beauty brands like H&M, Levi’s, Diesel and L’Oreal.”

  15. Mobile marketing: 16 infographics
  16. Very useful compilation!

  17. Veckan som gick, vecka 9 [SWE]
  18. Min tur att skriva veckobrevet. Bakfull, så jag kanske är lite grinig?

  19. People do not want to create content for your brand
  20. “People do not always want to create content for your brand. They do, however, have many other needs that will lead to the same outcome for you. Proper time spent planning and investigating who you are looking to engage and what their motivation is is time well spent. It will help you to understand what both parties will get out of any engagement, and help to ensure that your campaign is not one of the many examples of social media where people really don’t want to engage with you.”

  21. What does the future hold for f-commerce?
  22. “This move to iFrames means three key things for commercial Facebook pages: Better design, better tracking and better selling functionality.”

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