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by Doktor Spinn on 2022-03-11 · View Comments

  1. What I’ve Learned from 50,000 Facebook Fans
  2. Peter Shankman rules. We’ll be inspired by this in setting up our agency’s new Facebook Page -

  3. Massive 8.9 quake, tsunamis hit Japan -
  4. OMG - look at the pictures. Force of nature… looks almost fake.

  5. The Dalai Lama retires
  6. As Jason Kottke puts it, at least he still tweets.

  7. i had a bike but somebody stole it and when i think about it, it makes me feel so sad
  8. Amazing pictures from Stockholm and New York.

  9. Popular Philosophy and Kuhn’s Ashtray
  10. “But we need bumperstickers. Coffee mugs. “Philosophers of Language Do It With Rigid Designators.” “My parents went on vacation to twin earth and all I got was this lousy twee shirt.” Help me out here. How can we put the sexy back in necessary a posteriori?”

  11. What is Menyou?

  13. Kate Middleton For The Win
  14. Ouch. Burn!

  15. Plugga till journalist? [SWE]
  16. Lisah bloggar. Kanske inte så många i PR-branschen som är intresserade av att skola om sig till journalister? Brukar ju vara tvärtom.

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