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  1. Best Use of Social Media/Digital 2011 - PRWeek US
  2. “The campaign garnered 251 new soldier-bloggers, 415 written and video stories, and reached more than 550,000 viewers across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Go Army Advocates, Army Ed Space, and e-newsletters reached more than 17,000 influencers.”

  3. Thoughts Thought at 41
  4. “I’m driven by ambition. I know this because success doesn’t ever seem to quell that hunger. The day that Julien and I hit the bestseller list, we both felt good for what might have been five minutes. Then? I wanted to hit some other milestone. It was almost immediate. Groucho Marx said he never wanted to belong to a club that would have him. It felt kind of like that, to me.”

  5. Connecting With Super Bloggers? Think Content
  6. “Super bloggers like Scoble have evolved into a new type of influential media powerhouse, often blowing by the traditional media. Most are not as well known as Scoble, but they often wield influence in their areas (for a glimpse of the new media in one niche, check out this list of top 50 social media and technology blogs). Now if you want to get your story out, you have to deal with the super bloggers.”

  7. How A Tweet Turned Into An In Flight Dance Party
  8. “It all began with a tweet and ended with a whole bunch of happy customers, a KLM in flight dance party 10km above ground and a Guinness World Record.”

  9. Eve Online: Audience With The King Of Space
  10. “Eve Online player The Mittani is the CEO of Goon Fleet, the single largest corporation in Eve Online, both loved and reviled for its practices which include teaching new recruits to scam other players. As of two weeks ago The Mittani was also voted in as the new Chairman of the Council of Stellar Management, the player-run and player-elected body that CCP liases with with the aim of improving the game.”

    Wow, cool!

  11. How Startups Can Use Metrics to Drive Success
  12. “You already know it from your personal lives. The surest way to run a marathon is to tell everybody you’re going to do it (transparency). Even better is to tell them which race you’re going to run in the near future (urgency). The best yet is to raise money from them for a good cause – then you’re SURE to run it (commitment).”

  13. My New Out-Of-Blog Reply [Old Post]
  14. Stumbled upon this old post from two years ago. Sometimes I wonder if I have screw loose or something?

  15. 70 Creative Examples Of Toy Photography
  16. Cool! And now I got inspired to go and see Sucker Punch tonight. One should never be too old for anything, I think.

  17. People You Might Not Want to Have Casual Sex With
  18. Hilarious.

  19. 10 #PR experts it’s important to follow
  20. Yay!

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