Prime Is Recruiting—Again

by Doktor Spinn on 2022-04-12 · View Comments

Like clockwork, I once a year put a link up to the Stockholm based PR agency Prime/United Minds and their Recruitment Day. I don’t really feel that I have to do it, since it’s quite impossible to miss it if you’re a local talent interested in a PR career. But they are pitching me better than most, every year. And they don’t forget about me in between either.

I do like the fact that Prime does PR that looks good visually. I also like the fact that they are focusing on producing case studies with video. And when you have that sort of material, why don’t enter it into contests as well? I think that’s a good way of approaching the industry award circus.

Here’s a Prime PR case study that I really like:

So, please check out their Recruitment Day. Tell your talented friends about it. If you can get yourself a third-party recommendation (which PR is all about really), then your chances will of course increase.

Now, dear Primers, please help me get some retweets and likes for this post ok? The Communicare PR students yesterday managed to get 30+ retweets and 50+ Facebook recommendations for their PR Summit promo video yesterday. Can you guys compete with that?

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