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Strangest thing…

Du vet att du är en melodifestivalare om

LEWIS PR söker junior PR-konsult
PR för IT-branschen är superkul! Men du måste vilja ta till dig och förstå vad du skriver och vad klienterna pratar om.

Here’s your missing half, Mr Wanamaker
“Because at the heart of the matter is an even more depressing fact: Most marketers aren’t all that interested in how advertising works and in how it should be used to sway people’s decisions in their favor. They have never read a book on the matter, never downloaded a research paper, never attended a conference or engaged in a discussion on the topic of how advertising works. And it doesn’t stop there. If they were merely passively ignorant, things would be ok. Not good, but ok. However, not only do most marketers not understand the fundamentals of communication and aren’t very interested in it; to make matters worse they insist on sticking to their obsolete models, mostly based on the despicable notion of “common sense” (of which Einstein said “common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen”), thus making it difficult and sometimes damn near impossible for people whose job it is to actually know and master these things to, well, do their job.”

En helt sjuk (…) rapport från #YABA
The Jennie rapporterar från Yaba - jag skulle själv ha varit där, men jobb kom emellan.

Dundersuccén “Bella & Tyra Show”
Apropå http://www.doktorspinn.net/2010/03/04/lowengrip-tyrasjostedt-webbtv/

Daring Fireball: Translation From PR-Speak to English of Selected Portions of Macrovision CEO Fred Amoroso’s Response to Steve Jobs’s ‘Thoughts on Music’
Haha, det här är ju underbart! Jag funderar på att göra samma grej på http://www.svd.se/opinion/brannpunkt/stort-stod-for-upphovsratt-pa-natet_4402305.svd

Pagrotsky vill ha upphovsrättskommissioner i EU
Övervakning som lösning? Hoppas Pagrotsky inser att han används som en nickedocka här.

Three Steps to Make Your Next Speech Your Best
“In my experience of over two decades of coaching executives in their public speaking, I rarely run across one who has both the time and the inclination to do what it takes to deliver a great speech. Most of them are satisfied with average, which is partly why there are so many bad speeches given. The bar is set very low, and most executives are content to clear the bar, just.”

Fredrik Pallin: Helt logiskt att Mona slutar twittra
Det gäller att lyfta fram de som VILL och KAN. För Mona gällde sannerligen ingetdera och jag tycker det är klokt att helt sonika plocka bort henne - eller vem det nu var som twittrade åt henne.

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