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I placed my hands on his shoulder.
One, two, three, four moments.
I sought his eyes, but they were not be found.
You do not know, he told me.
He said to me, that I can not see.
Not through his eyes.
Maybe not even through my own, he says.
My hand would not let go.
Who was he? Who was he to tell me, what I can or can not see?
I have wisdom to spare, to be sure.
I too have seen things, places.
And now, I am where I am.
And he, he is where he is.
It will be okey, I tell him.
Is that so, he says.
His eyes is nowhere to be found, still.
I have deductive powers, I tell him, sure that my words are too big for him.
My hand still on his shoulder, firm.
The upper hand, I am sure.
No, maybe I do not know. And I tell him that.
Maybe I do not know.
You do not know, he says.
He shruggs my hand off hos shoulder.
My hand hangs, still, in the air.
One, two, three, four moments.
I decide when the hand goes away. And it does so now.
The upper hand, still, is mine.
Maybe I can not tell this man what he needs to know.
I can not make him see if I can not make him listen.
And he can not listen if he thinks that I know nothing.
You know nothing, he says.
I want to help you, I say.
Now do you, he says.
I want to do the right thing, I say.
He gave me his eyes.
He looked down on me from below.
How dared he?
I did not ask for anything in return, still he thinks that he is better than me.
He is the weak one.
And I, I have seen things, places.
I have knowledge.
Wisdom, even.
I know things. I really do.
But my strength is beyond this poor man.
And I pity him.
I can do nothing for this man.
He is beyond me.
He is on his own.
This I know.
I am not obligated to care anymore.
And that, to me, feels right.
Righteousness is my reward. For my efforts.
I am free.
My deductive powers never fails me.
I will walk my path.
My path of supremacy.
I will be stronger than he ever was.
And he must suffice - without me.
The upper hand back on his shoulder.
Now, who knows nothing, I say.
One, two, three, four moments.
I walk away.

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