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by Doktor Spinn on 2021-12-21 · View Comments

Write for PR DIVA | PR DIVA
Interesting new PR blog where you can contribute relevant material.

5 Predictions for Online Data In 2011
I really believe that datadriven PR will be huge!

5 Valuable takes from Airlines use of Facebook – the “snow fog story”
Jesper Åström rocks! Never a waste of time to read his stuff. Do read him. Even the basic stuff has some real depth.

What will Social Business Training Look Like for Us in 2011?
“We have trained hundreds of people within our company and our clients to use social media effectively not just in marketing and communications (marcom) but across the enterprise. We have designed and delivered curriculum over the past 5 years that has really served to empower both the ‘thinkers’ and ‘doers’ in social media.”

Really impressive - and inspirational!

Do elite trappings create success? (Causation vs. correlation)
“Does a ski trip to Aspen make you a successful bond trader, or do successful bond traders go skiing in Aspen? [...] Does advertising on the Super Bowl make your brand successful? I think it’s more likely that successful brands advertise on the Super Bowl.”

How Twitter is Changing
Wow - look at how it’s changing! Remarkable, and one has sort of felt it as well, right?

The 12 Days of Social Christmas
Lovely, merry social X-mas! :)

@vampyrse: @paulrobertspar 2nd nomination to #pr33 goes to www.doktorspinn.net - has spread his PR love in Sweden
Markus Pettersson just made my day! Datalove, my friend! Geekfriends 4-ever! :) Anyone else wants to nominate me, I’ll be extremely grateful!

79 percent of moms on social media
“A recent study by Child’s Play Communications shows that moms might not be as inexperienced with social media as their naïve sons and daughters may think. Of the 2,000 U.S. mothers surveyed, 79 percent with kids younger than 18 are active on social networking sites, such as Facebook, with 43 percent of these moms using it on a daily basis.”

Istället för veckobrev – #prataomdet
Fantastiskt. Hur kan man inte älska internet när det rör sig på det här sättet?

Unilever Creative Challenge Grand Prize Winner - Vaseline [VIDEO]
Very beautiful as far as production design and acting goes, but isn’t this… I don’t know. It leaves me with a bitter taste.

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