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Why Paying Bloggers For Posts Changes The Game
Great post about a subject that has been of great concern to me lately. When blogger wants to get paid, that’s truly a PR killer. Then it’s just a matter of ad spends, really. Let’s hope the best and most influential blogs remain the best by safeguarding their independence and their integrity.

5 Ways to Digitize Santa
“Santa should claim his identity widely on social networks to safeguard his reputation.”

True that!

Public relations: Rise of the image men | The Economist
“But even if the PR men are in danger of believing their own spin about the opportunities the online world will bring, at least they are showing signs of adapting to it and finding ways to use technological change to further their business. They may not achieve the power and glory they have ached for since the industry’s early days. But it is clear that another century of spin, perhaps greater than the one gone by, is in prospect.”

You know your PR history? Well, this won’t brighten your day exactly.

How to Deal With Haters and Potty Mouths on Your Newsroom’s Facebook Page
This is actually something that I’m working with right now. I must write a blog post on how to manage trolls efficiently - I’ve found a couple of techniques to be extra resourceful!

let your inner beauty shine through
Audrey Hepburn. Simple as that.

Sword-tip video camera
Tape a camera to the tip of a sword? Why? Why not?

Approximately Correct Is Better than Precisely Incorrect
“We’re not saying you need perfect sub-segmentation. There’s no such thing as “perfect” — just as we’ve learned over the years there’s no such thing as “average.” Be approximately correct about the top sub-segments to target, rather than precisely incorrect about the average.”

10 sätt att använda sociala medier för journalister
Frun (ovant att skriva så!) experimenterar med en blogg. Den blev snygg, tycker jag, men jag är samtidigt lite nervös för hur det ska bli med innehållet. Det ska tydligen bli en del om söta hundar…

Dagens Flip – ett nytt sätt att få koll på svenska nyheter [SWE]
Curating at its finest.

24 hour to winter wonderland… #nyc
Yeah, it got very quickly all white here in NYC. I guess I had it coming because all of those smugged thoughts as I ran through my European friends Facebook stories earlier this week.

Att sälja med sociala medier
“En av de absolut mest användbara fördelarna med internet är dock timing. Anledningen till att Googleannonser är så effektiva är inte för att de är textbaserade eller automatiserade, utan för att de når den potentiella kunden i exakt samma ögonblick som den letar efter precis det du försöker sälja. Att med annonser komma närmare en potentiell köpare så långt in i köpbeslutsprocessen är nästan omöjligt.”

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