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  1. Nu kan du följa ditt barns dagis på twitter [SWE]
  2. Follow your kindergarten on Twitter to stay updated on what’s going on.

  3. 8 frågor du bör ställa dig om din webbstrategi
  4. Björn Elmberg med välgrundade råd.

  5. 26 Ways to Engage With Customers Using Video
  6. We need more video PR! Not viral-attempting commercial, but more in a way used for communicating with people by providing useful information and value.

  7. Det här med att sprida varumärket [SWE]
  8. “Otten”? Inspirerat av “Ottestig”, månne? :)

  9. 8 social media monitoring tools from Russian markets
  10. I’m actually looking into this. A challenge, but highly interesting! But I have no profile on V-Kontakte yet… :)

  11. BranchOut, Inherently Viral Services And Customer Acquisition On Social Networks
  12. I love it, Paula. You rock. Why? Read this paragraph:

    “Since social networks per se are inherently viral concept ( i.e. to make the service useful to a user, itself becomes part of the user acquisition process), it’s fairly easy to misinterpret and confuse word of mouth from inherently viral concept, especially when using social networks as a platform for customer acquisition. Together with social networks, Skype is another great example of inherently viral services, there’s no benefit having free call service without having any friends to call to. Just like it’s no fun poking yourself on Facebook either, right? (Yes, poking was 2008).”

  13. Facebook message persuades man to donate his kidney
  14. Wow, weird. In a good way. Sharing is caring meets Repo Men.

  15. Content publicity – största möjligheten hittills inom pr? [SWE]
  16. Yeah, there’s too much emphasis on content creation instead of community management, seeding and social media intelligence.

  17. No more viral – from Gapingvoid
  18. I hear you. Viral is not a strategy. You earn trust by creating valuable content and listening to what people have to say. Long-term relationships is the reward, “viral effects” is merely a bonus for a job well done.

  19. Bara att gilla läget [SWE]
  20. Som jag sa på SSWC så har jag en så märklig relation till denna man, deeped. Ibland slår det mig att jag nog läst något nytt han har skrivit VARJE dag i flera ÅR. Och jag är fortfarande intresserad av vad han har att att säga, oavsett om det rör sig om growl (don’t ask) eller om den senaste snackisen på nätet. Och på senare år har vi ju även blivit konkurrenter på PR-scenen; digitala PR-strateger som vi är, kanske den tydligaste konkurrenten till och med? Och undrar vad vi gör när vi är i pensionsåldern? Antagligen är vi tvångspensionerade och bloggar järnet fortfarande… hursomhelst kommer han säkert alltid att fortsätta vara “deeped” - vilket ju nu är befäst på papperet också.

  21. PR’s Biggest Mistake When Working With Influencers
  22. “The biggest mistake PR professionals make when working with influencers is to take a media relations approach, rather than a community relations approach.”

    A very relevant post and a great quote as well.

  23. Milestone reached
  24. And here’s another link to a very good PR-blog who has been in my reader for quite some time now! Keep it up!

  25. Windmill360 on Facebook - new B2B marketing agency
  26. My friend Malin Sjöman has started a new agency focusing on B2B. This is a very under-appreciated segment when it comes to social media marketing especially, so I’d recommend liking this brand ned page. She’s wicked smart, a good blogger herself and I’m sure she’ll be very happy for a couple of likes early on.

  27. 10 PR Pros To Follow onTwitter | The Lift
  28. Nice list to be featured on! :)

  29. Facebook Marketing Bible - Marketing Strategies for Advertisers, Brand Marketers, and Developers on Facebook
  30. Ambitious name - the Facebook Marketing Bible. Have someone checked it out?

  31. Madonna Hires PR Help for Next Image Makeover
  32. Yes, where are you Madonna? Long time no see.

  33. The Social Media Center of Excellence
  34. Would be interesting to combine these structures with the “immerse and disperse” strategy.

  35. App Store on Facebook
  36. Cool. Must try this.

  37. Don’t abuse the quotation mark
  38. I know that I, after switching from Swedish to English on my blog, is abusing the language a bit. But I’m constantly reading stuff like this to get just at least a tiny little bit better every day.

  39. Nyhetstips i postfacket [SWE]
  40. Real-life drama? Nah, it’s much more interesting being in PR…

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