‘Talk Forever and Say Nothing’: Is This The Best Advice?
“Storytelling is a lost art which, unfortunately, has never been considered part of the science of communications. It’s time to get back to the basics, the science of PR, and give the media true, compelling and quote-worthy stories and prove one of the many values of public relations counsel.”

Dissed by Santa, So Suggesting Resolutions Instead
“1) If you’re doing a mass mail pitch – call it one: We ‘re not stupid. We know you have to toss lots of stuff at the wall for big events. So just call a spade a spade. Don’t try to be cute, funny or overly personal with people you don’t know.”

“2) Be prepared to go deeper: If someone does reply to your generic pitch and asks questions – answer them. More than likely it’ll pay off.”

“3) Do your homework: Okay so perhaps this one should be first and should actually preclude a mass mail, but taking a step back and doing some research on people will never steer you wrong.”

Svenska politiker i sociala och digital media under valet 2010. Några råd på vägen – Det handlar om vem du är, vad du tycker och hur vi kan bli vänner.
Genomarbetad och viktig postning från Johan Ronnestam. Jag kommer att återkomma till denna!

Bison Trackback 2009: Hans Kullin
Fredrik Wass intervjuar Hans Kullin.

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Johan Ronnestam (20 comments) 2022-01-05 at 22:48

En tackar som man säger i Småland. (hälsningar från Sälen)


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