“That’s not what we do!”

by Doktor Spinn on 2021-10-26 · View Comments

I just have to republish Todd Defren’s brilliant inner monologue:

Advertising Exec: “Thanks for coming by.  We know you guys ‘get’ Social Media.  We get it, too; we love it in fact — but …”

PR Guy: “But it all starts to fall apart once you get past the campaign level?”

Advertising Exec: “Yea, yea, well, kind of… Don’t get me wrong, we can develop some community-appropriate and rockstar-level creative that helps start the conversations, even get a ton of fans or followers or whatever, but …”

PR Guy: “But then you have to feed that beast, right?  You feel this voracious need to fill up the channel with new and excellent content, which is an expensive burden, both financially and creatively.”

Advertising Exec: “Yes, and then …”

PR Guy: “And then you also need to monitor these conversations and engage at a peer level in real-time, and also guide the client in how to react quickly, appropriately, and candidly themselves.”

Advertising Exec: “Yes!! And that’s not what we do.”

PR Guy: “Yep, I get it.  You guys craft brilliant campaigns but the ‘relationships’ part feels low-level, mundane, hard-to-do, and fraught with risk as you engage with every Tom, Dick & Wierdo online.”

Advertising Exec: “See?  I knew you ‘got it.’”

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  • http://www.globalmediapr.com Maria Olsson-Tysor

    Excellent! Thanks for a Monday smile :)

  • http://www.whataguy.se/blogg Anders Flodqvist

    Haha, wonderful! :)
    .-= Anders Flodqvists senaste postning: Ett grymt bra blogginlägg =-.

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